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The Business Department focuses instruction so that students will:

  • Effectively manage personal finances.
  • Apply technology to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate situations at home, school, and work.
  • Know how to use employment resources.
  • Practice skills to become an informed citizen, wise consumer, and a producer of goods and services.
  • Differentiate between ethical and unethical decisions in the workplace, at school or at home.


1102 Word Processing (Grades 9-12; 1 semester, ½ credit)
Word Processing is a beginning level computer course lasting one semester. Improving/learning the alphabetic keyboard as well as speed and accuracy will be emphasized throughout the semester. The curriculum will include formatting business documents such as: reports, letters, tables, memorandums, columns, and outlines. The word processing features utilizing the formatting and standard toolbars will be detailed. This course is the prerequisite for Computer Applications and Computer Publications.

1104 Consumer Education (Grades 10-12; 1 semester; ½ credit)
This course is designed to enable the student to become a wise consumer. This is accomplished through a study of the role of the consumer in the economy, a study of the factors that help a consumer make economically sound decisions in the areas of purchasing, budgeting, using credit, borrowing, saving, investing, sharing economic risks, and using natural resources.
Prerequisite: None

1103 Introduction To Business (Grades 10-12; 1 semester; ½ credit)
Introduction to Business will introduce you to the world of business and help prepare you for the economic roles of consumer, worker and citizen.  The course will explain the importance of the decision-making process, help prepare you for future employment, and help you effectively perform your responsibilities as citizen.  Topics discussed include:  the economic system of the United States vs. other nations' systems, business structures (partnerships, corporations, franchises), managerial styles, marketing techniques, and technology advances in business

1105 Accounting I (Grades 10-12; 2 semesters; 1 credit)
Accounting I is the initial course to help the student develop an understanding of financial transactions with the ability to record, present, and interpret these transactions. Students are introduced to the combination journal, special journal, general ledger, subsidiary ledgers, and accounting for the microcomputer. One practice set is completed which shows the students in a more realistic manner the handling of business vouchers such as checks, invoices, statements, memos, etc . Values of fairness and honesty in business are stressed.
Prerequisite: Signature of Accounting Instructor required / Purchase workbook from school bookstore

1113 Digital Technology (Grades 9-12; 1 semester, 1/2 credit)
Prepares student users to utilize technology for academic and business purposes.  A thorough study of technology ethics and protection will be emphasized.  The course will include digital citizenship and literacy.  Students will complete projects displaying their comprehension of uses and be tested on terminology.  This course is designed to aid students to be successful in the work world and academic setting.

NEW - 1114 Web Design & Development I (Grades 11-12; 1 semester; ½ credit)
This is a semester course that will serve as an introduction to the design, creation, and maintenance of web pages and websites. Students will learn how to critically evaluate website quality, learn how to create and maintain quality web pages, learn about web design standards and why they're important, and learn to create and manipulate images. This course teaches basic coding of web pages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The course progresses from introductory work on web design to a culminating project in which students design and develop a website for a club or team here at Helias Catholic.
Prerequisite: College Algebra and signature of Math teacher

1111 Accounting II (Grades 11-12; 2 semesters; 1 credit)
Accounting II is the advanced course to help students further develop their understanding of accounting transactions. Corporate accounting, cost accounting, departmentalized, and management accounting is the focus of this year-long course. One practice set is completed which shows the students in a more realistic manner the handling of business forms, statements, checks, and reports. Values of fairness and business ethics are stressed.
Prerequisite: Accounting I and Signature of Accounting I Instructor required / Purchase workbook from school bookstore

1109 Computer Applications
 (Grades 11-12; 1 semester; ½ credit)
Computer Applications is a one-semester course designed to expand the knowledge gained from the Word Processing class and how to use all of the Microsoft Office software including Word, Access, Excel, and PowerPoint. Integrating the four software applications will also be introduced. This course is available for dual credit through Lincoln University Prerequisite: Word Processing with signature of teacher required

1110 Computer Publications - Yearbook (Grades 11-12; 2 semesters; 1 credit) The yearbook course has been designed to provide students with an online solution to produce the yearbook. Units of study include teamwork, responsibility, brainstorming, content, coverage, concept, reporting, writing, editing, photography, typography, design, graphics, finances, yearbook campaigns, advertising and distribution. Actual work results in the current volume of Helias' yearbook. With the addition of ReplayIt.com, an online photo sharing tool, all students are involved in the process of contributing to the construction of the yearbook. Prerequisite: Signature of Computer Publications Instructor required.

1112 AP Economics (Grades 10-12; 2 semesters, 1 credit)  This course is designed to prepare students for the AP Economics Exams. The AP course is divided into two distinct parts: microeconomics (scarcity, price determination, the theory of the firm, externalities) in the first semester and macroeconomics (public finance, fiscal and monetary policy, inflation, unemployment, economic growth, international trade) in the second semester. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking skills through the understanding, application, and analysis of fundamental economic concepts. Prerequisite: A or B in Geometry A

1106 Business Math (Grades 10-12; 1 semester; 1/2 credit)
Business Math provides comprehensive coverage of personal and business-related mathematics. In addition to reviewing the basic operations of arithmetic, students are prepared to understand and manage their personal finances, as well as grasp the fundamentals of business finances.
Prerequisite: None

1107 Business Law (Grades 10-12; 1 semester; 1/2 credit)
Students will explore the foundations of business law. Coverage will include contracts, criminal law, consumer protection, will and estates, property law, contracts, ethics, and different court systems. The students will complete appropriate reports and case studies in addition to textbook work.
Prerequisite: None

1108 Personal Finance (Grades 11-12; 1 semester; ½ credit)
This course will enable students to make sound financial decisions in their personal lives. The course is designed to address a variety of learning styles. Learning will occur through lecture, audio CDs, videos, independent reading, and hands-on activities. The course is divided into four (4) units. Following are the unit titles and topics for the unit. INCOME: income sources, factors affecting income, taxes and government services MONEY MANAGEMENT: needs and wants, financial decision making, budgets, personal financial plans and financial responsibility SPENDING & CREDIT: comparison shopping, payment methods, credit costs, credit problems, including bankruptcy SAVING & INVESTING: reasons for saving and investing, saving and investment opportunities, Rule of 72, dollar cost averaging, and diversification.
Prerequisite: Junior or Senior (most effective for students who potentially have money to manage) / Purchase workbook from school bookstore

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