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The High School Choice Dilemma
Why Helias...

How do you choose which high school your son or daughter will attend?

Do you let the child decide? Do you base the decision upon where his or her friends are going?

In today's American culture in which children grow up very fast and are exposed to adult issues at very young ages, it is more important than ever that a great deal of thought and prayer go into this critical choice. Would you let your 13 or 14 year old make any other decision that will so dramatically impact his/her future?

Do you decide what is best for your child and your family based primarily upon what your friends are doing?  Probably not!

Where your child goes to high school is a vital decision that has lifelong ramifications and should never be taken for granted or as a matter of course.

There are significant differences between schools and just as you would not likely buy the first house or car you looked at, so should you shop for the right school for your child. Visit the schools you are considering. Investigate their curriculum, activities, and learning environment. Most importantly, research what happens with their students when they get out of high school.  Not just 'Do they go to college?' but, if so, are they successful? Today nearly anyone can "go to college", but what are the odds that a student from a particular school will graduate from college?

Statistics abound on the lifetime earning power of individuals who attain various levels of education. The more education, the more financial success! Education is about preparing young people for a happy and successful life and that is obviously impacted by earnings.

Do you plan for your child to go to college? Are you saving for that? The reality today is that many, many students go to college but never graduate. In Missouri just slighly more than half of college students graduate.  They are overwhelmed academically because they have not been challenged in high school, have never learned to study properly, and because they have not developed the self-discipline to correctly prioritize their time and obligations. They "go to college", have a great time, but never earn a degree and then discover that if you "go to college" but don’t graduate you have wasted all of your time, effort, and money. Without the degree you have nothing. As a matter of fact, it might be worse than that because a potential employer may question why you didn't finish? The money you are now saving for college goes down the drain unless your child is prepared to be successful when he/she gets there. And if you or your son or daughter borrows the money for college you may be paying it back for years having derived no benefit whatsoever.

Take a serious look at the high schools you are considering. Know the answers to those questions. Visit the school to see whether it is the learning environment in which you want your child to spend four critical developmental years.

We welcome visitors at Helias Catholic High School and would be delighted to explain to you why we believe Helias should be your choice. Come see our kids! Sit in on a class or two! Come to a game or extra-curricular event! Talk with our alumni to see if they were well prepared by Helias!

We understand that you may be choosing between a Helias education costing over $4,500 per year and a free public education and we are convinced that the money you invest in your child’s experience at Helias will pay dividends, well beyond the tuition costs of Helias, throughout their lives.

* daily spiritual and ethical development
* prayer and religious ceremonies
* strong and challenging academics
* great extra-curricular experiences
* a safe and structured atmosphere
* enjoyable social activities
* random drug and alcohol testing of all students
* an appearance code that emphasizes the seriousness of the academic process while teaching self-discipline

Helias Catholic High School has it all. Come see for yourself!

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