8/12/2008-Service Hours Sheet

Name:                                                                       Date:  _________________   Grade Level:  _______

Helias Service Hours

All students need 50 hours by Christmas break of Christmas break of senior year.



List the non-profit Agency**: place you worked

Describe the work done

No work may be done for individuals, ie: Family members, neighbors, babysitting.

Hours completed

Name of Contact Person

email or phone number where the person can be reached

Valid signature only by contact person listed





























































** A list of approved agencies can be found on the website with this form.  If an agency is not listed, you may request approval to add one by emailing the campus minister at Helias Catholic High School, jbrandt@heliashs.com.  Please be sure to include name of agency, the work they do, contact person in charge of volunteers, number and work the agency does.  9/17/13 – revised

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