Pope St. John Paul II Student Success Center

Mission Statement: The Guidance and Counseling Program at Helias Catholic High School seeks to positively impact the lives of our students by partnering with parents, community, faculty, and staff.  Our program seeks to help students find their purpose by merging their gifts and passions with the needs in the world.  Our program offers comprehensive planning and guidance services addressing student academic, spiritual, and career goals, while meeting their emotional, personal, and social needs.  We work to give students the opportunities to acquire the educational, social, and spiritual competencies necessary for their growth toward lifelong success in a diverse and changing world. 
Beliefs: Education is a responsibility shared by students, parents, staff, and community and is based on an atmosphere of mutual respect.
We believe that every student:

  • Has the potential for learning and for meeting high academic standards.
  • Has a unique set of individual needs that must be considered as he/she develops at his/her own rate.
  • Has God given gifts that must be explored, identified, nurtured and celebrated to help every student reach their purpose. 

We believe that the school counseling program should:

  •  Have a delivery system that includes school guidance curriculum, academic support, spiritual guidance, and social/emotional counseling.
  • Meet the comprehensive needs of all students.
  •  Support student academic, career, spiritual and personal/social development.
  •  Be both comprehensive and developmental in nature, proactive in design, and responsive to the changing needs of our students.
  •  Monitor student progress.
  • Use data to drive program development and evaluation.

Meet the Staff: (this is where we define roles of each counselor) this will allow students and parents to get to the right person.
Mary Flowers - Academic Counselor

  • Students with last names beginning with M-Z
  • Course information
  • Course Selections/ Course changes requests
  • E2020 Online Courses Contact and Brigham Young Online Contact and Test Proctor
  • College/Tech School Applications and Completion and Transcripts requests
  • ACT Test Coordinator
  • Scholarship Coordinator
  • Counseling Web Site Coordinator
  • Awards Ceremony Coordinator

Dan Mathes - Academic Counselor

  • Students with last names beginning with A-L
  • Transcripts information
  • Course Information
  • Course Selections/ Course changes requests
  • E2020 (online courses)  
  • Dual Enrollment
  • AP Courses

Jan Heislen: Academic Counselor

  • A+ Coordinator
  • College/ Career Readiness
  • Academic struggles

Maureen Quinn:  Campus Ministry

  • Service Hours
  • Service Projects (personal or through classes)
  • Campus Ministry Club
  • Mission Trips

Elizabeth Twyman - Accomodations Coordinator

  • Service Plan/ Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • Documented health concerns
  • Academic struggles
  • Special Services request for testing

Josh Varner - Professional Counselor 

  • Social and Emotional concerns
  • Mental Health needs



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A+ Forms and Information

A+ PROGRAM is now available to Helias students.  The A+ program is a scholarship program specific to Technical Schools and Junior Colleges.  Students in GRADES 9-12 can apply to be a participant in the Helias A+ Program.  Financial awards can cover full tuition at a Junior College or Missouri Technical school AS WELL AS some of our Missouri 4 year institutions have partial scholarships available to A+ students.  If you'd like more information, see the information below OR you can contact Jan Heislen at:

A+ Information Sheet

A+ Tutoring/Mentoring Timesheet

A+ Application

Citizenship Agreement


FREE WEBSITE RESOURCE:  The website was created to help high school seniors compare the acceptance rate information for many of the popular colleges in the United States.


MISSOURI CONNECTIONS is a FREE Career and College Search Program that is offered by the State of Missouri.  This program is very appropriate for students in grades 9-12 and now also includes a LEARNING STYLES ASSESSMENT, ACT Prep, SAT Prep, ASVAB Prep, etc.  Log in at:   Username:  Helias    Password:  2viewmoc

ACT PREP available for the JUNE ACT beginning on May 25.  For more information, contact Julie Berhorst at:

SUMMER DUAL ENROLLMENT OPPORTUNITIES THROUGH STATE TECHNICAL COLLEGE OF MISSOURI (State Tech) in Linn.  Check out the offerings available to high school students this summer at:  If you click on the “Faculty Link” below each program heading, it will list course descriptions and information about the faculty members.

MISSOURI CONNECTIONS is a FREE Career and College Search Program that is offered by the State of Missouri.  This program is very appropriate for students in grades 9-12 and now also includes a LEARNING STYLES ASSESSMENT, ACT Prep, ASVAB Prep, etc.  Log in at:   Username:  Helias             Password:  2viewmoc
A+ PROGRAM is now available to Helias students.  The A+ program is a scholarship program specific to Technical School and Junior Colleges.  Students in grades 9-12 can apply to be a participant in the Helias A+ program.  Financial awards can cover full tuition at a Junior College or Missouri Technical School as well as some of our Missouri 4 year institutions have partial scholarships available to A+ students.  If you’d like more information, see the information posted on the Helias website/Counseling area OR you can contact Jan Heislen at:
MCDONALD’S ARCHWAY TO OPPORTUNITY SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM is open to any student who seeks EMPLOYMENT with McDonald’s.  McDonald’s employees who wish to continue their education beyond high school may apply for $1000 scholarships to be used for their continuing education.  Requirements are minimal—you must be employed at least 3 months with McDonald’s prior to applying for the scholarship.  For more information, speak to any McDonald’s manager. 
SYLVAN LEARNING CENTER FREE PRACTICE ACT TEST is scheduled for May 20 at the Jefferson City location.  Tests will be given at 1:00 and end at 4:00.  You must pre-register at:  573-815-0999 or 573-636-1686.  Questions?  Email Laura Forbis at:
FOCUS ON LEARNING FREE ACT PRACTICE TEST is scheduled for May 6 at Focus on Learning in Columbia, MO.  The test will run from 8:30 until 12:00.  Space is limited to 15 students.  To register, please call 573-875-5187. 
FINANCIAL AID GUIDE:  This guide will go over the cost of college and the associated steps to pay for it.  If interested, contact Kathleen Barry at:

  1.  THE JOINT APPRENTICESHIP AND TRAINING COMMITTEE will be accepting application for the INSIDE WIREMAN APPRENTICESHIP program on the first working Monday of each month.  The minimum requirements for application are:  Must be 18 years of age or older and  must have a high school diploma.  The fee for the program is $35.  Great opportunity for job training.  For more information, go to:  and click on Apprenticeship.
  2. VARIETY SCHOLARSHIPS that have come across our desk:

-Best Housekeeping Scholarship Program:
-Gaming is fun schololarship:
-Senior Care/Aging Matters Scholarship:
-The NaviReview “Tech Readers Program” Scholarship:
-Internet Marketing Scholarship 2017:
-EGC Women in Law Scholarship:
-Addiction Resource Scholarship:
-Hymas Scholarship:

3.  SAINT MARY’S HOSPITAL AUXILIARY SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS are now being accepted.  Applicants must be members of the Auxiliary or a family member of an Auxiliary  member.  Applicants may also be employees of SSM health St. Mary’s Hospital or students who participate in St. Mary’s Medical Explorers.  You must plan to major in a Health Care Field.  For more information or to obtain an application, contact the Volunteer Office at 573-681-3744 or Millie Bernskoetter at 573-635-4289.  The deadline is June 1.
4.  LINCOLN UNIVERSITY VIOLA SMITH YOUNG ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP is a scholarship available through the Department of History, Political Science and Philosophy through Lincoln University.  Scholarships can range from $1500 to $6000 per year.  Interested students should contact Bruce Scovill at 681-5148 or email:  Flyers are also available in the counseling office.

  1.  WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY in ST. LOUIS invites Juniors to participate in their Visit Dates.  Dates deal with Pre-Medicine, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Art and Architecture, Business and Academic Exploration.  To learn more and to register, visit: or you may call:  800-638-0700.
  2. CENTRAL METHODIST UNIVERSITY is offering an Introduction to Occupational Therapy online course for students who are considering Occupational Therapy as a career choice.  The course begins June 5.  For more information, call 660-248-6251.  You can also check out:


  1.  AUDREY WALTON YOUTH LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE provides an opportunity for Missouri Youth to gain skills that will assist them in becoming leaders in their communities and schools.  The conference will run from July 20-22 and be held at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  The Conference is FREE to all participants.   Applications are available in the Counseling Office with a May 12 deadline.


  1.  STATE TECHNICAL COLLEGE in Linn, MO is wanting students to be aware of their HEALTH SCIENCES PROGRAMS in:  Nursing, Radiology, Physical Therapy and Dental.  A+ money can be used for these programs.  State Technical College is always happy to entertain visitors who are looking for more information.  Check them out at:


    1.  STUDENT OF ETHICS AWARD recognizes a high school student who personifies high ethics demonstrated through leadership, community service, overall personal integrity and academic history.  The award is a $2500 scholarship that can be applied to the student’s college, university, or trade school of choice.  The entry consists of a 300 word essay, transcript, letter of reference, etc.  Deadline is June 2.  The application is available in the counseling office or online at:
    2. BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU OF COLUMBIA STUDENT OF ETHICS SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION is available in the counseling office.  An essay is required.  The deadline to apply is June 2, 2017.


    1.  INFORMATION SESSION has been planned to learn more about the SELECTIVE ADMISSIONS PROCESS, SCHOLARSHIPS, AND FINANCIAL AID offered by:  BROWN UNIVERSITY, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, CORNELL UNIVERSITY, RICE UNIVERSITY, AND THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO.  The session closest to Jefferson City is in St. Louis on Tuesday, June 6.  To RSVP and get specifics, visit:
    2. MIAMI UNIVERSITY SUMMER SCHOLARS PROGRAM is a two week session held at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  Courses may be taken on a variety of topics and workshops are held that are focused upon application essay writing, financial aid and scholarships and leadership skills.  Deadline for application is May 1.  Information and applications can be found at: 
    3. MIZZOU MEDPREP: MEDICAL EXPLORATIONS is a series of workshops designed to assist individuals in exploring healthcare careers and guide those interested in medical school through the application process.  Medical Explorations is developed specifically for rising high school juniors and seniors to gain awareness through self-assessment and explore various career opportunities in healthcare.    WORKSHOP FEE is $50 and will be set up as a 2 week online summer workshop which will include a ONE-DAY CAMPUS WORKSHOP.  The workshop will be online from June 23-July 7.  Questions?  Contact Andrea Simmons at: or 573-884-6375    Registration can be found at:


  1. BERRIDGE PROGRAMS are programs that provide summer theater and film programs in Normandy, France, to students interested in both International Travel and the arts.  Scholarships and Financial Aid are available.  To learn more, visit:
  2. ST. MARY’S HOSPITAL VOLUNTEER AND AUXILIARY SERVICES have opened up the application process for their SUMMER STUDENT VOLUNTEER PROGRAM.  The program allows students to volunteer during the months of their summer break.  Applications are available in the counseling office with a May 1 deadline.
  3. COLUMBIA COLLEGE SUMMER CAMPS are being held at the Columbia College campus at a variety of times running from June thru July.  Topics include: Forensic Science, Nursing, Mock Trial, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) and Summer Arts.  For details, visit:
  4. SOUTHEAST MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY SUMMER CAMPS are being held on the campus of SEMO.  Camps include: Vocal Arts, Percussion, Orchestra, Theater, Dance, Health Camp, Music Academy and Athletic Camps.  For information and details, visit:
  5.  STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRE-COLLEGE STUDIES PROGRAM is available to highly motivated, intellectually curious students.  To learn more, visit:
  6. WESTMINSTER COLLEGE STEM ACADEMY is scheduled for July 23-27 on the Westminster College campus.  The Academy will explore Physics, Environmental Science, Mathematics, and Chemistry along with Problem Solving experiences.  For more information, visit:
  7. WESTMINSTER COLLEGE INSTITUTE FOR NATIONAL SECURITY is scheduled for July 23-26 and targets rising high school juniors and seniors.  Ideal for students interested in politics, law, national security, homeland security, the intelligence community and more.  To learn more, visit:
  8. THE UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON offers 2 summer programs for rising high school JUNIORS AND SENIORS:  ENTREPRENEURSHIP 101 runs from June 18-30; visit:
  9. SUMMER SUSTAINABILITY: FOOD SYSTEMS runs from June 25-30; visit:
  10.  THE UNIVERSITY OF TULSA 24/7 IMMERSION IN THE WORLD OF FILM is scheduled for July 9-15 for SCREENWRITING and July 15-22 for FILMMAKING.  For more information and details, contact Michael Wright at:  918-631-3174 or



  1. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY PRE-COLLEGE SUMMER PROGRAM allows you to take courses for college credit, experience life in New York City and apply for scholarships.  Interested students can apply by April 1 at:


  1.  FONTBONNE UNIVERSITY CYBER WARRIOR CAMP is a FREE daytime summer camp open to high school students.  Students will learn about cyber security principles, creating strong passwords, safe online behavior, detecting spam and phishing, abstraction, data hiding, and more.  No coding experience needed.  Dates: June 12-23, 9:00-4:00 p.m.  Weekdays only.  Interested?  Contact Chery Burrus at 314-889-4508 or   Deadline is May 15.
  2. SPEEDREADING COURSE for students from Pre-School through High School through SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY.  Designed and taught by instructors from the Institute of Reading Development.  For more information or to register, call 1-800-964-9974.
  3. WENTWORTH INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY in Boston, MA, is sponsoring a SUMMER ARCHITECTURE PROGRAM over the course of four weeks.  For more information, visit:



There are many individuals at Helias who are anxious to help you make these next four years successful: Mrs. Quinn (Campus Minister); Ms. Fuemmler (Principal); Fr. Jones (President); Sr. Jean (Asst. Principal); Mrs. Twyman (Accommodations Coordinator); Mr. Varner (Social/Emotional Counselor) Mr. Mathes (Counselor) ; Mrs. Flowers (Counselor); Fr. Viviano (Helias Chaplain); Mrs. Rogers (Secretary); All the teachers and staff at Helias.

Mrs. Twyman is our Accommodations Coordinator and she is available Monday thru Friday to meet with you to discuss learning difficulties that you might be experiencing. Mr. Varner can help with your social and emotional needs.  Mr. Mathes and Mrs. Flowers are your Academic Counselors.  You are assigned a counselor by virtue of your last name.  If your last name begins with A thru L, then your counselor is Mr. Mathes.  If your last name begins with M thru Z, then your counselor is Mrs. Flowers.  You may discover that you feel more comfortable with one counselor over the other, there is no problem with switching counselors.  All you need to do is request this change.  We will see all freshmen during the month of September and then throughout the year as time allows.

  1. APPOINTMENTS are set daily.  To request an appointment, simply sign up on the clipboard outside the counselor’s office.  Typically, you are seen the day after you request an appointment.  If there is an emergency, we can see you right away.
  2. STUDENTS see their Counselors for a number of reasons—for example:

-If you want to discuss scheduling classes for the next semester or year
-If you want to discuss changing a class that you are currently taking because it is too difficult or too easy
-If you or your teacher feel that you may need to work with a tutor
-If you think you might benefit by having your tests read orally or taken in a quiet space, we can help facilitate
-If you are ready to begin the college search or career search process, we have great resources to share with you
-If you are having difficulties with family, friends, teachers, other students, etc., come see us and we will try to work out a solution to the conflict

Mrs. Twyman, Mr. Varner, Mr. Mathes, Mrs. Flowers are here for you!  Our job is to make these four years of high school go as smoothly as possible.  When you are experiencing difficulty, please let us know and we will do whatever we can to help you out.

COUNSELING OFFICES and Mrs. Quinn are located in the JPII Student Success Center.  Fr. Viviano's office is downstairs near the lunch room.